About the Islamophobic Film : The Innocence of Muslims

Previously called ‘The Innocence of Bin Laden’ the new Islamophobic Film, The Innocence of Muslims is widely being labelled as ‘the worst attack on Islam’ and is fundamentally a deprived and unquestionable attempt at propaganda to elicit hatred towards the Islamic people.

Focussed on blasphemous and xenophobic mockery of the prophet Mohammad, the film is of very low quality with little or no story line. The entire production is badly acted with a script that has no basis in reality and makes no contribution to the modern world.

Muslim filmmaker Kamran Pasha has said of the film „I am of the opinion that it is a film of questionable artistic merit, backed by a group of bitter bigots whose only agenda was to incite hatred and violence by smearing the character of Prophet Muhammad.“

With poor scenery and no artistic value, this entire production is a feeble attempt to undermine the Islamic religion mostly through cowardly remarks made at the end of the film that were probably added once the poor end result was revealed.

In fact, both the cast and crew that created the initial film have stated that they were completely misled as to the purpose of the production which they were convinced was aimed at portraying life in Egypt 2,000 years ago.

One actress from the film, Cindy Lee Garcia, has now threatened to proceed with legal action following her involvement in the storyline stating that she was unaware that the end result was going to carry such a defaming message while others involved have stated that they were ‘wholly misled’ and ‘deeply saddened’ by the effect the film had created.

After an initial single viewing with a very limited audience and further planned viewings in the US cancelled, excerpts dubbed in Arabic published on You Tube and other social networking sites have caused fury across the global Muslim community as people protest against such a racial slur being allowed in the public domain.

Following a call for a week of protests, there has even been violence seen in Egypt and Libya as well as the Yemen and other Arabic Countries as the backlash to this production grows.

Though previously falsely linked to an Israeli film maker, the film has now been attributed to a Director named Sam Bacile. However this name has only recently become apparent as a You Tube posting alias and is widely expected to be a pseudonym for an individual that has to date not laid claim to his actions.

Said to be focussed on the plight of the Coptic Christian, the story sees Muslims destroying the homes of Coptic Christians in modern day Egypt with no intervention from local security forces. And though the Coptic Christian Group have formally condemned this film it its entirety, further investigation has led to Californian Coptic Christian Nakoula Bassley admitting to the Associate Press news agency that he took an active part in the production process.

And the film goes further, questioning both the beliefs and actions of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad in such a salacious manner that the Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has labelled this film an “aggression on the belief of more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.”

The film shows a donkey being entitled ‘The First Muslim Animal’ by the actor playing the Muhammad character in such a way that has been described by Time Magazine as ‘a homoerotic, one-sided conversation with a donkey“ and portrays the founding of Islam as a moment when Khadija, the wife of Muhammad, uses verses of the old and new testament to create the Qur’an.

Adnan Mansour has himself called an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League to discuss the matter in detail and discuss an appropriate response.