Arab Foreign Ministers Crossing into Gaza

The crossfire between Palestine and Israel has been continuously escalating at the obvious expense of lives in both Israel and Palestine. The blame-game seems to have reopened all the past issues and constant air-strikes is said to have killed at least 140 Palestinians and 5 Israelis. As many as 27 children have also lost their lives in this clash.

The death toll has increased, since the Israelis launched air strikes into the Hamas-controlled Jewish territory in Palestine. The surfacing of radical militants groups in Gaza, many of whom are beyond the control of ruling Hamas, shows possibilities of the conflict escalating out of control, and Israel could, as a result, find itself with a more powerful and drastic enemy than the Hamas.

Most of the international community has censured the actions of Israel except the State Department of the United States. The Department issued a brief statement in support of Israel and condemned the actions of Hamas. The reasoning behind America’s support for Israel is because it thinks that Israel has every right to defend itself and its territory from the attack of the Hamas. The United States has also dispatched three warships to be on standby, in case the tension increases further. However, the United States Department of Defence states that the warships were mainly for the evacuation of any American from the region and called this measure an act of due diligence.

In order to show their support and offer comfort to the Palestinians, 10 Arab League ministers headed by the Arab League chief, Nabil al-Arabi, will be crossing into Gaza from Egypt. Turkey’s foreign minister is also expected to join this mission. The delegation of ministers will visit hospitals and victims of the conflict to mainly express the Arab solidarity in this conflict, as told by the Arab League Chief, Nabil al-Arabi, in a news conference with the UN Secretary, General Ban Ki-moon. The decision to visit was taken at an emergency meeting held in Cairo, in order to support Egypt’s efforts to bring a truce between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


The delegation includes ministers from Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. The main reaction of the Arab Ministers has been to condemn Israel’s air strike on Gaza, even though Israel has said that this air strike was only a response to the rockets fired by the ruling Hamas in this territory. The ministers are also reviewing the usefulness of proposing an Arab peace initiative to end this conflict.

Egypt has made many efforts to restore peace and ensure ceasefire in Gaza. Despite the differences, United States of America has also expressed its willingness to initiate negotiation talks. Even if a truce or agreement is reached, there will be a call for an effort from the international community to resolve all the underlying issues, as that would avoid repetitions of this conflict.