Egypt’s efforts support to the Palestinians is supported by the Arab ministers

After the UN Security Council failed to bring about any respite between Israel and Gaza, Egypt, among many other countries, has tried to take the cause in its own hands. This initiative taken by Egypt is being supported by other Arab ministers. The ‘aggression’ that started off between these two countries needs to die as soon as possible to avoid further mass murders, rocket fires, missile projections and, most importantly, to restore peace in the Middle East region.

Egypt takes a strong step in trying to play peacemaker between the two parties. Its major goals are to win over international support for the cause of the Palestinians and to move towards negotiating a truce between these countries, so that other bordering countries are not endangered in this game of hostility and hatred. There was a temporary cessation of hostilities in October as a result of a temporary agreement, which has long since collapsed. Therefore, Egypt wants to form a new agreement, the drafting of which is backed by the Cairo–based Arab League, so that the fresh agreement guarantees ‘long-term’ validity.


The foreign ministers of various Arab countries will form a delegation led by the league chief, Nabil Elaraby, which will soon leave for Gaza and lend its support to the efforts made by Egypt in the peace negotiation process. The Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, is in talks with other ministers and officials regarding their strategies and plans. He has given some indications that a ceasefire is possible in the near future but nothing has been finalised as yet.


According to the reports of The State News Agency QNA, Qatar has lent financial aid to Egypt by giving $10 million to help revive the condition of the wounded Palestinians. The government of Egypt does not have any prior experience in dealing with such global conflicts, as the one in Gaza. Despite this being a disadvantage for Egypt, it moves ahead to accomplish its aims. It is communicating with both Israel and Gaza to end this bloody battle and reconcile for the good of the whole of Middle East.

Though the real war is between Israel and Gaza, the threat to the bordering countries of being automatically drawn into this conflict is increasing with each passing day. Trade and commerce have taken a hit, while many have been killed and injured, with the numbers piling up steadily with time. This war is not only claiming the lives of innocent people of these two countries but can also give way to or lay the path for ethnic clashes.

The Arab ministers and Egypt have recognised all these voices that can lead to an aftermath of sorts, and they are, therefore, providing support to mediate successful negotiations between the two countries. The meetings are expected to pave way for finding a long-term solution for ending the ongoing hostility.