Impact of the Syrian War

War in Syria continues claim thousands of lives and is proving to be a major financial and infrastructural setback for the country itself. The thousands of people who have lost their homes in this war are seeking refuge in some of the neighbouring countries, especially Turkey. With many trying to escape the hostility in their home country, the horde of expatriates swarming Turkey is increasing in numbers with each passing day. More than 90,000 Syrian citizens have taken shelter in the refugee camps at Turkey.

The continued violence in Syria seems to have created a rift or a conflict of sorts between the two countries. Turkey and Syria are now crossing fire at their borders after a Syrian shell landed in a south-eastern town of Turkey. Turkey’s prime minister has clearly stated that even though Turkey has absolutely no national interest in the war, it will take the drastic step needed if continued violence spills over to Turkey. Once an Assad ally, Turkey is now supporting the decision to quit all rebellion.

The war seems to be also spilling over to Lebanon, a country bordering Syria in the south. As per Lebanese officials, Lebanon has used machine guns to shoot into the Syrian territory and Syria also has countered with guns. The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has suggested that Lebanon is allowing illegal weapon entry into Syria, while Lebanon has filed official complaints against Syria for territorial violations. The Arab league and the UN international peace envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, meanwhile, are continuing talks for mitigation and truce in Syria. He has even enlisted Iran to negotiate a ceasefire within Syrian territories in order to accord respect to the upcoming Id al-Adha celebration. A four-day truce seems to be on the agenda in observance of this holiday.

Refugees are also fleeing Syria and are now entering Iraq. However, Iraq, another neighbouring country, has decided to limit the entry of refuges in its country. Iraq claims limited resources and lack of security to house all the refugees. Jordan, on the other hand, has expressed its intention of opening a second camp soon to provide shelter to another 250,000 refugees from Syria.

When Turkish warplanes forcibly expelled a passenger jet from Syria to get down in Ankara based on a suspicion of having military cargo, Russia demanded an explanation from the government of Turkey. The plane had been flying from Moscow to Damascus when it was stopped. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minster, stated that Russian ammunitions and military equipment had been confiscated from this airplane. Even the ties between Russia and Turkey seem to be at risk now due to the Syrian civil war.

The war in Syria is now spreading over to all the adjacent countries and has impacted global relations amongst the Arab countries to some extent. Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN envoy, also said that the Syrian war will spill over to other surrounding regions if no conclusion is reached soon.