Obama wants a better opposition to shake up the Assad government

One of the most important decisions taken by the American President, Barack Obama, after being re-elected for the second term would be the US intervention in the Syrian crisis. The United States says that it would need a well-organised structural and functional opposition in Syria to resist the violence of Assad’s regime and also to look after the welfare of the people.

A focused Obama administration put forward its views on Wednesday. According to them, a strong opposition is necessary in the first place, so that it becomes a symbol of support and hope for the dying Syrians. It is required to render its invariable support to all those who are fighting on the frontline and also to withstand attempts made by the extremists led by Assad to foil the revolution against the government.


After rejecting the Syrian National Council as a probable opposition, Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State clarified, “This cannot be an opposition represented by people, who have not been in Syria for 20, 30 or 40 years. There has to be a representation of those who are on the frontlines.” The main drawback with the Syrian National Council is that the members of this council have all been living in exile. Due to this, the members are not aware or do not have first-hand information of the problems of the people and the immediate actions that need to be taken to change the present scenario. The fact that the members were in exile made the patriotic rebels uncomfortable, with the Council being considered as an opposition.

Currently, names are being considered for the formation of a new opposition. Further discussions regarding this matter are scheduled to take place in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The fundamental aims of the new opposition, according to President Obama, would be winning over the minorities residing in Syria and then overthrowing Assad’s regime.

According to Hillary Clinton, these talks were made in the presence of the Arab League. America has also been in talks with the Europeans and the Arab ministers, so that the best and most viable step can be taken for the benefit of the people. Obama himself needs to take very crisp political measures and apply diplomatic foreign relations strategy in this matter, as he cannot directly interfere by releasing US military troops or the air force over Syrian conflicts to stabilise the situation.

The death of over 40,000 Syrians coupled with what has taken the shape of a full-blown civil war in Syria, the hour of need is an able and just leader who shares their passion for freedom and search for justice, and who can guide them against the dictatorship regime. America has already involved itself by proving to be an able guide. In fact, the strategies undertaken by Obama certainly show that America has elevated itself into the successful role of a leader.