Palestinian Authority seeking an urgent Arab League Summit

 The Palestinian authority is urgently seeking an Arab League summit in Cairo, with the agenda of the summit being a discussion on the growing hostilities between the two Middle East countries and devising methods to bring truce among them.

After the initial failure of the UN Security Council to bring about peace, the League led by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has a lot to accomplish and prove. Another important dimension of discussions in this meeting, as stated by the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riad Malki, was the “indefinite financial support” from the Arab States. At present, the League maintains an approach of “complete discontent” towards the UN Security Council.

The beginning of the Arab League meeting was occupied with lots of arguments and was directed towards the unsuccessful initiatives taken in the past. The ministers had put forward their opinions and expressed frustration over the ‘impractical’ methods adopted earlier. However, it concluded on the note of devising and implementing plans to practically support people in need and render help, keeping in mind the humanitarian point of view.

As per reports, 72 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, with 21 of them being children and women. Some 544 rockets fired from Gaza also led to the death of 3 civilians and injured several others. In the event of this aggression going on for longer, many more innocent lives will be claimed with thousands of others being rendered homeless. Understanding the seriousness of this situation, urgent efforts are being made for a truce by not only the League but also by the neighbouring countries, such as Turkey, Egypt and other foreign ministers of the Arab states.


Israel has declared that it intends to exhaust Gaza Arsenals and also compel Hamas to retreat firing their rockets, which has for years terrorised towns in the Israel borders. During the course of recent events, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv have also come under the line of fire.

The foreign ministers of many Arab countries are discussing strategies for reconcilliation. A delegation consisting of foreign ministers of the Arab States led by Chief Nabil Elaraby intends to visit Gaza which is scheduled for Tuesday. Egypt is also mediating efforts for peace, the outcome of which is yet to be seen. On the other hand, Arab ministers are also rendering their support to the cause that Egypt has undertaken. According to the latest developments, Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, has taken an initiative and has called for a truce between Palestine and Israel. He quoted “ceasefire agreements should be established within 24 hours.”

A clash between Palestine and Gaza would soon endanger the surrounding states, becoming a threat to several countries in the Middle East. Therefore, the need of the hour is to seek a quick remedy for reconcilliation, a truce and peace negotiation between these states for the welfare of the people