Syrian Opposition Calls for a No-fly Zone to Protect Civilians

The civil war in Syria has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the common man. The war has gradually transformed into an ethnic conflict, where thousands of lives have been lost and the count only continuing to increase with time. Several hundreds have been rendered homeless and have fled across the border to find refuge in the neighbouring countries. The Syrian civil war has its effect in almost each and every province in the country.

Syria’s main opposition leader in exile has called for a no-fly zone by the powerful countries in its border areas to protect the civilians from regime helicopters and warplanes. A lot of Syrian refugees have sought shelter in its neighbouring nations. For instance, Turkey is housing over 12,000 Syrian refugees. Abdelbaset Sieda, the President of the Syrian National Council, had called for a no-fly zone move during Friends’ of Syria meeting held in Paris, which was attended by several world powers. Sieda had urged for the move to be implemented along the border of Turkey and Jordan in order to protect his nation’s people and the country from huge catastrophe and destruction.

The no-fly zone is an attempt to provide ‘safe havens’ to the refugees. Syria has also been involved in air force attacks and, therefore, this no-fly zone move was called for providing special protection. The opposition of Syria includes rebel fighters, religious minority groups and veteran dissidents. Such a move has been specifically proposed to safeguard the people from artillery bombings and the aircrafts, which are causing massive loss of lives. This move was deliberately called to make the regime realise its eroding powers from the nation. Sieda had renewed the plea to continue with the opposition after U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton had mentioned that Washington and Turkey had discussed various steps, which also included no-fly zone in certain parts of Syria due to escalating air force attacks from the regime.


The newly united Syrian opposition has also received formal recognition from Britain as the ‘sole legitimate representative.’ The opposition has also gained formal recognition from France on 2012, November, 13. The foreign minister of France, Laurent Fabius, had mentioned that France will take a strong stand on chemical arms. Some Gulf Arab States recognise and have acknowledged the Syrian National Council for the Opposition and Revolutionary forces. On the contrary, United States, most European countries and the Arab League are yet to confirm their recognition, as they are being more cautious on it.

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Meanwhile, the United Nations has cut the food rations for people affected during the Syrian full blown war due to cash shortages. The refugees are finding it difficult in other nations to adjust due to no work opportunities; however, they are composed and a little more fearless because of decreased noises of planes hovering in the sky.