War and Children

The Syrian civil war took an ugly turn when fourteen school children were arrested and tortured for writing against the Assad regime. With many schools and public places being converted into detention centres, the government forces are arresting and detaining thousands of civilians without any reason or charges. And worst of all, these also include quite a few innocent children.

There are children who have witnessed their family members being blown apart by random bombings by the government as well as the rebel forces. Some teenagers have been detained and tortured in their own schools, which have been converted into detention centres. A 6-year-old son of a member of the rebel groups was kidnapped, starved and beaten to death.

These are mere glimpses over the atrocities that the Syrian children are going through amid the ongoing civil unrest. While many have lost their lives, others are living under a constant fear and trauma of losing their own lives or that of their loved ones.

There have been many reports published related to the condition of children in the Syrian war. Even children have not been shown any kind of mercy as they have been electrocuted, beaten and starved for no particular reasons. Indiscriminate bombardments on residential areas of various cities, abduction of children by unidentified gunmen and infliction of severe torture on young boys are common stories now. There have also been reports that children have been used as human shields while fighting with the rebel groups.

These reports have been rampant and consistent, according to the accounts given by children to various news and monitoring groups. A recent bombing of two building in the war-ridden Aleppo killed five people that included three children belonging to the same family. With as many as 30,000 feared killed in the Syrian uprising, over 2000 of these are estimated to be children.

War Child, an international charity, has alleged that both the sides are intentionally targeting children. ‘Save the Children’ has requested the UN to increase its presence in Syria, and record such violations of human rights and atrocities against children. The group has stated that many children are traumatised and will need special care and attention to be able to recuperate from what they have and are going through.

It is the danger that the civil war poses to women and children that has compelled people to flee from Syria and seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Even the camps that the children are putting up at are made of tents on the burning desert plains of the Syrian boarders. With refugees increasing in numbers, the condition in these tents is cramped and suffocating. However, with this being the only way left for these families to save their young ones, the options are not plenty and the future looks very bleak as well.